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Come in and enjoy! Over an area of 6,800 m² Saunaworld at the Siebenquell® GesundZeitResort offers a total of seven indoor and outdoor saunas – each dedicated to a different theme. Inside, you can also find the “Stonecutter's” steam chamber (42°C), the “coffee roastery” infra-red sauna, and a snow chamber. With temperatures ranging from minus 10 to 95°C, you can experience a temperature difference of over 100°C in the Saunaworld. In addition to an indoor and outdoor pool (34°C), our guests can also discover a plunge pool (8°C) as well as various shower blocks, individual foot baths and relaxation areas.

Infusion schedule
Certified infusion agents
Sauna rules

Please note that separate lockers are not provided in the sauna area, so we ask that you use the lockers at the entrance to the spa. A cloakroom is provided in the sauna area. We accept no liability for any lost valuables.

Please note that visitors under the age of 16 may only enter the sauna area when accompanied by an adult.

Infusion schedule

We look forward to you joining us for your sauna experience. Here you can find the current infusion schedules with details of all ceremonies and infusion times in the Siebenquell® GesundZeitResort saunas.


Certified infusion agents

All of our infusion agents bear the “PROVEN QUALITY” mark from the Deutscher Sauna-Bund (German sauna association). This symbol demonstrates high quality infusion agents using natural ingredients. On top of that, exact dosing instructions ensure a safe infusion.

Sauna rules

To help you enjoy all the positive health benefits of the sauna, we have developed some sauna rules:

  1. Take care of your personal well-being at all times while using the saunas and do not stay in a sauna for longer than you feel comfortable.
  2. A sauna session lasts around two hours in total, so make sure you leave enough time for this.
  3. As dry skin sweats more quickly, first clean yourself in the shower and then dry off thoroughly. A warm foot bath before entering the sauna also encourages sweating.
  4. Place your towel under your whole body. You can keep your sauna time short and intense by sitting on the top or middle bench where you will sweat more. Eight to fifteen minutes should be enough time in the sauna. During the last two minutes, make sure to sit upright to get your circulation flowing in the right direction again.
  5. Cool down in the fresh air first before you get into the plunge pool or under the shower, as your body will need to take in oxygen. Afterwards, cool off with a Kneipp hose or under a waterfall shower. If you do use the plunge pool, make sure that you wipe off any sweat beforehand.
  6. A warm foot bath after the sauna arouses a pleasant feeling of warmth and ensures perfect temperature regulation. Other cold water treatments work the blood vessels intensively and increase your body's resilience.
  7. After taking the sauna, we recommend taking a little rest to improve recovery.
  8. Visit another sauna in the same way as the first. Three saunas should be enough to achieve the desired effect. The effect of the sauna will not be boosted any more after that.

Our indoor saunas


Wood workshop (approx. 80°C)

The art of the traditional carpentry in Weißenstadt forms the centrepiece of the wood workshop. The specialities here are infusions at 80°C with birch branches and decoctions.

Good morning infusion

11:00 am

Wenik birch branch infusion

4:30 pm

Health infusion

with background music
7:30 pm

Herbal infusion

(Fridays and Saturdays only)
9:15 pm

“Stonecutter’s” granite steam room (approx. 42°C)

The warm moisture and comfortable heat of the steam room opens up your pores and clears your airways. At the same time, it relaxes your muscles and conditions your cardiovascular system. We also provide different all-natural exfoliating scrubs for you during your steam bath.

Exfoliating scrub

(Monday - Sunday)
1:00 pm

Honey scrub

5:30 pm

Exfoliating scrub

8:30 pm

Spruce and Brechel sanarium (approx. 65°C)

This themed sauna represents the surrounding Fichtel Mountains. The plants and herbs found there are both dried and burned in the sauna.


Blacksmith’s sauna (approx. 95°C)

The centuries-old craft of blacksmithing is honoured in the blacksmith’s sauna. Between anvils and blacksmith tools, guests can enjoy a sauna at 95°C and aromatic infusions created by our sauna experts.

Mint infusion

(Sunday - Thursday only)
2:00 pm

Blacksmith’s forge

(with orange)
6:00 pm

“Coffee roastery” infra-red sauna

With just four seats inside, the coffee roastery is our smallest sauna. The heat from the infra-red heaters penetrates deep into the skin without affecting circulation. This deep heat effect provides extremely effective muscle relaxation and increases the blood flow.



Snow chamber (approx. -10°C)

At minus 10 degrees, the snow chamber provides a gentle cool down. This vitalises the body and stimulates the cardiovascular system.

Saunaworld’s outdoor areas


Baker’s sauna (approx. 70°C)

In the “baker’s sauna”, a real baker’s oven heats the sauna to 70°C while fresh bread is baked in it. And you’re more than welcome to sample the bread after your sauna session!

Flaming oven – baking ceremony

3:30 pm

Brewery sauna (approx. 90°C)

The brewing heritage of Weißenstadt provided the inspiration for our 95°C “brewery sauna”. Genuine Weißenstadt beer is used in the infusion so that aromas of malt and hops fill the air. After the infusion you have the chance to taste a sample of the beer.

Hops festival

4:00 pm

Hops festival

7:00 pm

Fishing hut (approx. 80°C)

After a soothing sauna session, you can enjoy the refreshing air of the fishing hut’s little terrace. There’s also a small pool where you can cool down. This is not a swimming pool and jumping in is not permitted.

Woodland walk

12:00 am

Guest infusion

2:30 pm


8:00 pm

Night watchman

(Sunday - Thursday)
9:15 pm

Miner’s sauna (approx. 85°C)

Inspired by the former mines of Weißenstadt, guests in the miner’s sauna will feel like they’re in the old mining tunnels and enjoy the ambience in the light of rock crystals and 85°C heat.

Thermal infusion

3:00 pm

“Ruhestodl” relaxation area

You can linger and relax after and between the different saunas in two relaxation areas, with wood or straw – an ambience inspired by the barns of Weißenstadt.


Thermal pools (34°C)

Dive into the inviting thermal waters at Siebenquell® Saunaworld. You can choose betwenn our indoor and outdoor pools at 34°C, and the 8°C cold refreshing plunge pool.  A tip from our sauna experts: Cool down in the fresh air first before getting into the pool or under the shower. And remember to rinse off any sweat first.

Sauna bistro

Saunabistro transparentes Logo

Sauna bistro opening hours

Monday - Thursday
12:00 noon - 9:30 pm

Friday / Saturday / Sunday / Holidays
11:00 am - 9:30 pm

The kitchen closes 30 minutes before the restaurant.

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