The Siebenquell Saunaworld - experience pure relaxation

The Siebenquell Saunaworld - experience pure relaxation

Discover a world of sauna infusions

Crystal magic, worlds of sound or fresh vitality?

Opening hours and rates

Learn more about current opening hours and admission rates at the Siebenquell thermal spa and Saunaworld.

Take a break in the Siebenquell Saunaworld

Siebenquell’s expansive Saunaworld is a great insider tip for making the most of your break in Weißenstadt. Combine the health-promoting properties of the sauna with pure relaxation. Eight themed saunas and sauna experiences, a steam sauna and an infrared sauna await you along with a very special highlight: our snow chamber. Together, they span a range of temperature differences of over 100 °C.
The Saunaworld’s outdoor area is reminiscent of a quaint village with a pond, the sauna cabins and the “Ruhestodl” quiet zone housed in a barn-like building. Green open spaces sandwiched between flower islands offer guests so many options for lounging, relaxing and breathing in the Fichtel Mountain air. The sauna bistro and its sunny outdoor terrace connect the indoor and outdoor areas and offer diners a varied food and beverage menu.

Everything you need to know for your visit to the Siebenquell Saunaworld

General information about the Saunaworld

Please note that the Saunaworld does not have separate lockers. We kindly ask you to use the lockers in the changing area and the lockable storage compartments in the hall across from the Saunaworld entrance. There is a bag and storage room in the sauna area.
No liability is accepted for lost valuables.

Age restriction: Please note: Admission to the Saunaworld is only open to visitors under 16 years of age when accompanied by an adult.

Sauna pond: Please note: The outdoor pond is not a bathing pond.

Certified infusions

Enjoy your sauna infusion with natural oils in a variety of different fragrances. Our Saunaworld infusions bear the German Sauna Association’s “TESTED QUALITY” seal. Infusions with this seal only contain premium, natural ingredients and meet demanding quality standards. Precise dosing information also ensures safe infusions.

Inside your Saunaworld

Wood workshop (approx. 80 °C)

The wood workshop centres around the art of Weißenstadt’s traditional carpentry craft. It specialises in Wenik infusions at a temperature of 80 °C with birch branches and a decoction of birch leaves. The essential oils offer you a sauna experience like no other, stimulate your circulation and have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Spruce and “Brechelbath” sanarium (approx. 65 °C)

This themed sauna is inspired by the surrounding Fichtel Mountains with its varied flora and herbs, which are dried and burnt in this warm and fragrant ritual. The mild temperature is ideal for sauna novices and people who are sensitive to extreme temperatures.

Blacksmith’s sauna (approx. 95 °C)

The blacksmith’s sauna is an homage to the centuries-old craft of forging and really heats things up with temperatures reaching 95 °C. Between an anvil and historic forging tools, guests to Siebenquell’s hottest sauna can work up a sweat while taking in the aromatic infusions carefully crafted by our very own sauna masters.

“Steinschleiferei” granite steam bath (42 °C)

The high humidity and pleasant warmth of the steam bath will open your pores and clear your airways. It also relaxes your muscles while training your cardiovascular system. A variety of natural peels are offered during the steam bath experience to nourish the skin, leaving it velvety soft to the touch.

“Kaffeerösterei” infrared sauna

The Kaffeerösterei spa highlights the time-honoured tradition of coffee roasting and is the smallest Siebenquell “sauna” with just 4 seats. The heat emitted by the infrared radiators deeply penetrates the skin without placing undue stress on the circulatory system. The deep warming effect is a powerful way of achieving muscle relaxation and promoting circulation.

Snow chamber (approx. - 10 °C)

At minus 10 °C, the snow chamber offers a gentle way to cool down. At the same time, it revitalises the body and stimulates the cardiovascular system. What could be more invigorating than rubbing your skin with fresh snow after a visit to the sauna, including in the summer?

Saunaworld water treatments

Get your heart pumping and your blood flowing with foot baths you can fill yourself.
The plunge pool is chilled to 8 °C for a refreshing way to cool down. Tip from our sauna master:
Cool down in the fresh air first - what your body needs most now is oxygen. Then hop under the shower to rinse away any perspiration before taking a dip in the plunge pool or a cold shower.

The Saunaworld quiet zone

Honeycombs border a small part of the Saunaworld quiet zone paying homage to beekeeping law, an ancient sovereign right spanning back to the Middle Ages. Floor-to-ceiling windows let in plenty of light and sunshine. Relax on one of the comfortable loungers, read a book or let your mind wander.

Thermal pool (34 °C)

Immerse yourself in the pleasant, temperature-controlled thermal water in your Siebenquell Saunaworld. Drift from the indoor pool to the outdoor pool and unwind in the warm water near massage jets or under gooseneck jets.

Your Siebenquell Saunaworld outdoor area

"Nußhardtstube" (approx. 80 °C)

This sauna’s theme is the Nußhardt, the third highest peak in the Fichtel Mountains at 972 m above sea level. The “Nußhardtstube” is a nearly 50 m long covered cave nestled between granite rocks at the summit. There are two inconspicuous entrances to the cave, if you squeeze in between the blocks of granite.

Baker’s sauna (approx. 70 °C)

The smell of freshly baked bread wafts through the air here. Sauna guests are heated by a real oven that reaches a temperature of 70 °C in the “baker’s sauna”. Following the infusion, visitors are welcome to taste a tempting selection of baked goods.

Brewer’s sauna (approx. 90 °C)

The Weißenstadt culture of brewing beer inspired the 90 °C “brewer’s sauna”. The aroma of hops and malt unfolds throughout the sauna during the infusion, which features a changing selection of regional beers. The scent of hops has a calming effect and may improve sleep. Be sure not to miss the beer tasting following your visit to the brewer’s sauna.

“Fischereihütte” (approx. 80 °C)

Fishing has always played an important role in Weißenstadt life. Even today, the town is still surrounded by countless fishing lakes. After a soothing visit to the sauna, a small patio near the fishing lodge pond invites you to sit back and enjoy a little refreshment. Please note: The small pond is not a bathing pond.

"Bergwerksauna" (approx. 85 °C)

Enjoy a temperature of 85 °C and watch the light as it catches the sparkling mountain crystal during your visit to the “Bergwerksauna”. The sauna’s rustic ambience is reminiscent of the mining industry that was once prevalent in Weißenstadt.

The Saunaworld “Ruhestodl”

These two quiet zones with wood or straw encourage you to linger and recover after or between your visits to the various saunas. The surroundings are inspired by the Weißenstadt barns, which were built outside the former city wall ring following a major fire. Wood is used as a natural raw material that creates warmth and a pleasant indoor climate.

Siebenquell sauna bistro

Sauna bistro

The “Schatzkämmerlein” sauna bistro offers light snacks, warm dishes and a variety of hot and cold beverages. Enjoy your selected delicacies on the sunny outdoor terrace while you take in the solitude and the view of the majestic Fichtel Mountains and its highest peak, the Schneeberg.

Sauna rules

We have put together a few sauna rules for you to help you make the most of your sauna bath and all of the positive health benefits it has to offer:

  1. When visiting the sauna, be sure to check in with yourself every once in a while and take note of how you are feeling. Never stay in the sauna cabin longer than is comfortable for you.
  2. A full sauna bath lasts around two hours. So be sure to plan in sufficient time to make the most of the experience.
  3. Because dry skin sweats faster, shower first and then dry yourself well afterwards. A warm foot bath before entering the sauna will also encourage perspiration.
  4. In the sauna, position your towel so that your whole body can rest on it. For a brief but intense stay, we recommend sweating it out on the middle or top bench. A sauna session of eight to 15 minutes is completely sufficient. Sit up for the last two minutes to get your circulation system used to sitting in an upright position. You should always sit during a sauna infusion.
  5. Cool off a bit in the fresh air before you take a shower or enter the plunge pool, because your body needs oxygen now. Wait until then to cool down with a Kneipp hose or a dousing shower. If you use the plunge pool, remember to rinse the perspiration off your body beforehand.
  6. Following your visit to the sauna up with a warm foot bath creates a pleasant, toasty sensation and ensures your temperature fully equalises. Additional cold water treatments intensively train the blood vessels and increase your body’s resilience.
  7. At the end of your sauna session, we recommend taking a short rest to promote relaxation.
  8. Enjoy additional sauna sessions just like the first one. Three trips to the sauna are sufficient to achieve the desired health benefits. Adding further sessions will not increase any of the health-promoting effects of the sauna.