GesundZeit - means time to slow down and pure relaxation for you

GesundZeit - means time to slow down and pure relaxation for you


As an individual guest, you can attend our prevention courses or tailor your stay to your individual needs. Let our GesundZeit staff advise you and accompany you on your way towards a new, healthy lifestyle.

Workplace health promotion

A clear mind, a stable soul and a strong body – we want to feel balanced, efficient and resilient. Often one of the 3 pillars gets out of joint, since our life is often one-sided and in this one-sidedness also experiences too much. In order to regain our balance, we must make sufficient use of the other two pillars in our free time. Often a walk in the fresh air, a conversation among friends or a run over hill and dale is enough.

In addition to physical fitness and mental health, the aim of our successful company program is to raise awareness of a healthy lifestyle and to uncover the possibilities for integration into the individual everyday life of your employees.

The Siebenquell GesundZeitResort offers you a wide range of health stays for your employees as part of a company program. Our team of health experts (doctors, physiotherapists, fitness trainers, dieticians, forest health trainers and coaches) supports and accompanies you competently from the planning to the implementation of the health training.

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The foundation

The Siebenquell GesundZeitResort’s foundation is the fluoride-containing sulphuric thermal water, which we extract from a depth of 1,835 metres. With a unique health and wellness infrastructure, nestled in the middle of our national treasure - the Fichtel Mountains - Siebenquell is one of the most attractive health and thermal spa resorts in all of Germany.

At the heart of Siebenquell is the GesundZeitReise - a salubrious journey through time with its seven-metre high obelisk. The seven mineral baths and bathing landscapes of millennia-old cultures enable you to sense the health-promoting effects that were already in use among the ancient Egyptians, ancient Greeks, Israelites and Romans. Be sure to plan in plenty of time for this voyage through the many advanced civilisations that practised healing. Bathe in zinc or calcium lithium, float as if you were in the Dead Sea or spend a day filled with warmth and light in the sand bath.

Experience nature

We are pleased to welcome you to a very special bath in the forest. Nature stimulates our senses. Lush green and earthy brown calm the eyes. Soft moss and spruce needles tickle the soles of our feet. There’s a crackling and crunching underfoot, while the clear sound of birds chirping meets our ears. The crystal clear air has fragrant notes that gently caress our noses. Feel nature, touch the tree bark and pine cones with intention. Berries, mushrooms and herbs bring the forest to our plates. This excursion is sure to be just to your taste.

When we are in motion, our bodies release happiness hormones, leaving no room for dark thoughts. Stress and tension melt away - we have time to decelerate.

Alongside forest bathing and hiking, the region is ideally suited for mountain biking and e-biking, activities on the lake and winter sports with meticulously groomed slopes and cross-country trails.

Main areas of activity

The Fichtel Mountains are a national treasure, situated in Weißenstadt, boasting the best climate and rich in springs and fluoride-containing sulphuric thermal water. This is also where you will find one of the most versatile resorts for maintaining health and improving your well-being - the Siebenquell GesundZeitResort.

Slow down, engage in physical activity and enjoy good food

For a healthy body, a strong immune system and sufficient defences, we rely on the 3 pillars of exercise, nutrition and relaxation. A healthy level of physical activity, balanced nutrition and personal respite strike a perfect balance between body, mind and soul.

The GesundZeit offer is aimed at guests in the context of prevention and health promotion and occupational health. It also covers the full range of wellness activities.

True to the motto: “Plenty of space for you and your time”, we take advantage of all the space the region has to offer to personally craft meaningful and fulfilling life moments. Whether hiking or cycling, herbal medicine and forest bathing, deep breathing exercises or solitude by the lake. The magnificent natural landscape surrounding the area perfectly complements the GesundZeit concept and encourages awareness, self-reflection, focus and a fresh start.

Our Medical Wellness, Fitness and GesundZeitReise experts can’t wait to welcome you. A scenic landscape in the horseshoe of the Fichtel Mountains and a beautiful lake setting with a wide range of sporting and cultural activities awaits you.

About us

Health, humanity, loyalty

The endless variety in the Medical Spa is aimed at promoting several key fields of activity: deceleration and de-stressing, nutrition and exercise in the secondary healthcare market - prevention and wellness. Our offers and our day-to-day operations and actions are based on a value-oriented corporate philosophy - natural health, responsible humanity and authentic loyalty.


Natural health

Nature is a place of power that gives us humans a sense of freedom and clarity. At the Siebenquell GesundZeitResort, the surrounding nature and its rich treasures play an important role. The GesundZeitReise and Medical Spa feature natural ingredients such as blossoms and herbs, minerals and trace elements as an integral part of a comprehensive relaxation concept. Exercising outdoors brings you closer to nature.


Responsible humanity

We supplement the holistic health concept with personalised health and wellness treatments that are tailored to the needs of our guests along with medical diagnostics. GesundZeit stays allow you to enhance your own well-being in a sustainable way, help you find yourself - your centre - and lay the foundation for long-lasting vitality

Get pro tips on eating and exercising well and practising mindfulness. Coaching sessions and workshops help optimise your health. With us you will learn how to activate your self-healing powers to shield yourself from the pressure and stress of everyday life.


Authentic loyalty

Concentrate on what matters most and recharge your own personal fuel tank. Siebenquell’s goal is to offer you the optimum setting for bringing the body, mind, emotions and soul into harmony. Take advantage of the vast surroundings and freedom the Siebenquell GesundZeitResort has to offer you with its huge variety of exercise options, Medical SPA treatments and indulgent culinary delights for all your senses. Let your mind wander and set your spirit free while the soothing atmosphere of the resort, the fresh air and wide open spaces work their magic on you.
Sparkling, still, inspiring, refined - holistic recovery.