Car Park & Underground Car Park Rules

Information on car park & underground car park rules


Art. 1 General

(1) 1By entering the car park area or the underground car park, a rental agreement for a parking space is concluded between Siebenquell® GesundZeitResort GmbH & Co. KG as the Lessor, and the Lessee. 2This agreement does not cover monitoring or safekeeping. 3GesundZeitResort does not assume any guardianship or special care obligations for items brought by the Lessee.

(2) 1The use of the underground car park and the hotel car park is reserved exclusively for overnight guests of GesundZeitResort. 2The hotel car park and the underground car park can be used from half an hour before check-in to half an hour after check-out. 3All Lessees must be in possession of valid proof of the service used.

(3) The maximum stay is 4 weeks, unless a special agreement has been made.


Art. 2 Charges

(1) The rental price (parking charge) for the car parks or underground car park depends on the respective posted parking charge lists.

(2)Day guests of Waterworld, Saunaworld, the GesundZeitReise experience and the fitness studio will be credited or reimbursed for parking.

(3) When using two parking spaces, GesundZeitResort is entitled to charge double the parking charge, when occupying multiple parking spaces, the parking charge for the number of parking spaces actually used.

Art. 3 Traffic regulations

(1) Traffic regulations in accordance with the German Road Traffic Act (StVO) apply in the underground car park and in the car parks.

(2) A maximum speed limit of 10 km/h is in place.

(3) 1In particular, the “restricted right of way rule” of giving way to the right does not apply. 2Instead, all road users have to observe the general rule of consideration.

Art. 4 General usage regulations

(1) 1The Lessee is obliged to park their vehicle in the marked parking spaces within the designated lines in such a way that unimpeded entry and exit to and from the adjacent parking spaces is possible at any time. 2If the Lessee breaches this obligation, GesundZeitResort is entitled to move the parked vehicle into the prescribed position at the expense and risk of the Lessee.

(2) 1Without prejudice to further administrative regulations, the following behaviours or actions are not permitted in the car parks or the underground car park:
a) smoking and the use of flames, as well as fuelling vehicles,
b) storing objects, in particular of fuels or flammable objects of any kind,
c) generating unnecessary exhaust by excessive revving or running the engine unnecessarily,
d) parking of vehicles with leaking tanks, engine, carburettors or other fuel system leaks,
e) working on or in the parked vehicle, in particular making repairs, draining fluids, cleaning the vehicle or causing any kind of soiling,
f) parking of unregistered vehicles, and
g) distributing brochures, leaflets or other advertising material and the display of posters of any kind.
2In the case of parking vehicles with leaking tanks, engines, carburettors or other fuel system leaks, GesundZeitResort is entitled to have the vehicle removed at the expense and risk of the vehicle owner. 3GesundZeitResort is entitled to sell or auction abandoned vehicles without official registration plates after expiry of the maximum parking period.

(3) Vehicles that are parked for longer than the maximum permitted parking time may be removed by GesundZeitResort at the expense and risk of the vehicle owner.

(4) Insofar as there are compelling operational requirements and the Lessee cannot be identified and notified in good time, GesundZeitResort is entitled to move parked vehicles.


Art. 5 Underground car park

(1) Entry to the underground car park is prohibited for motor vehicles over 1.90 m in height, gas-powered motor vehicles, motorcycles and vehicles with trailers.

(2) 1In addition, vehicles in the underground car park must not be parked in such a way that the exhaust is directed towards the wall.2If the Lessee violates this obligation, GesundZeitResort is entitled to charge the perpetrator for the costs of repairing any damage.


Art. 6 Liability of the Lessor

(1) 1GesundZeitResort is only liable for damage caused by its employees or agents. 2GesundZeitResort's liability is limited to intent and gross negligence, insofar as GesundZeitResort is not liable for injury to life, body or health. 3This also applies to breaches of duty of their employees or agents. 4This limitation of liability does not apply if a duty that is essential to the achievement of the purpose of the agreement has been breached; however, the liability is limited to foreseeable damages that are typical for the agreement. 5Liability for indirect and consequential damage is excluded.

(2) 1The Lessee is obliged to report damage in writing without delay, within a maximum 3 working days. 2Obvious damage must be reported before leaving the GesundZeitResort car park.

(3) 1The Lessor is not obliged to fully clear the car parks and the entrance of the underground car park from snow and ice. 2In winter temperatures, the Lessee must be take into account the possibility of icy spots in the car parks. 3The Lessor’s obligation to clear snow and ice is limited to the main access routes. 4In case of continuous snowfall, the Lessor is not obliged to continuously clear snow. 5In this case, the available car park spaces will be unavailable or available only to a limited extent. 6The Lessor is only liable for ensuring all reasonable precautions have been taken.

(4) 1GesundZeitResort is not liable for damages that are the sole responsibility of other lessees or other third parties. 2Claims for damage due to force majeure are excluded. 3GesundZeitResort is not liable for damages resulting from the loss of the vehicle due to theft or for damage caused by vehicle break-ins, vandalism to the vehicle or theft of objects from the interior of the vehicle.

(5) Damage to the technical equipment of the car park or underground car park or its misuse by the Lessee does not give rise to any claims for damages for the Lessee.


Art. 7 Liability of the Lessee

(1) 1The Lessee is liable for all damages caused to the Lessor or third parties by themselves, their employees, their agents or accompanying persons. 2In particular, the Lessee is liable for all non-compliance with the usage regulations detailed in Arts. 4 and 5 of the car park & underground car park rules. 3If the Lessee violates these usage regulations, GesundZeitResort is entitled to charge the perpetrator for the costs for repairing any damage.

(2) The Lessee will also be liable for culpably caused contamination of the car park or underground car park and the areas surrounding these.

(3) 1GesundZeitResort is entitled to a right of retention and the legal lien on the parked vehicle of the Lessee based on claims arising from the rental agreement (including any claims for damages). 2If the Lessee is in arrears with the settlement of the lessor's claim, the lessor may enforce the recovery of the debt at the earliest 2 weeks after giving notice. 3As far as the identity of the Lessee is known, they will be notified at least one week before the recovery of the debt. 4The proceeds of sale will be made available to the Lessee minus the costs incurred and the parking charges incurred up to recovery. 5If the Lessee's identity does not become known within one year of the sale, the proceeds will go to GesundZeitResort.