House and Bathing Rules

Details of the house and bathing rules


1 General

(1) 1These house and bathing rules are binding for all guests who visit Waterworld, Saunaworld, the GesundZeitReise experience, the fitness studio and other facilities (including all external areas) of Siebenquell® GesundZeitResort GmbH & Co. KG ( "GesundZeitResort"). 2By entering one of the above-mentioned GesundZeitResort facilities, paying for entry, or upon the issuing of a transponder (locker key with data storage media recording the services used in GesundZeitResort), each visitor accepts the house and bathing rules. 3The purpose of the house and bathing rules is to ensure every guest experiences maximum rest, relaxation and enjoyment. 4The house and bathing rules should guarantee the necessary framework regarding safety, order and cleanliness.

(2) 1The following groups are strictly prohibited from accessing Waterworld, Saunaworld, the GesundZeitReise experience and our fitness studio facilities:

  1. a) Persons under the influence of intoxicating substances,
  2. b) Persons who have animals with them,
  3. c) Persons using the facilities for commercial or non-recreational purposes, and
  4. d) Persons who suffer from a notifiable, communicable disease within the meaning of the German Federal Communicable Diseases Act, or from skin rashes or other lesions, which can detach and pass into the water.

2Persons who suffer in particular from congenital and reactive hypertension (high blood pressure), severe angina pectoris (coronary stenosis), severe hyperthyroidism (an over-active thyroid gland), thrombophlebitis (vein thrombosis), acute inflammatory or progressive kidney and liver disease, all forms of heart failure or other heart and/or circulatory problems, or bronchial asthma (restricted lung function) must consult a doctor before using the facilities – in particular Saunaworld. 3It is also strongly advised that pregnant women seek medical advice. 4The following groups are only permitted to use Waterworld when accompanied by an appropriate person:

  1. a) Persons who cannot swim, and
  2. b) Persons who cannot stand in a depth of 1.30 m.

5Additionally, the following groups are only permitted to use Waterworld, Saunaworld and the GesundZeitReise experience when accompanied by an appropriate person:

  1. a) Persons who suffer from spasms, fainting or epileptic seizures,
  2. b) Persons who cannot move, dress/undress or climb into the pool without help from others, and
  3. c) Persons who are unable to move safely because of physical or mental disability, or who are at risk of endangering themselves or other guests.

6The suitability of the accompanying person will be judged by GesundZeitResort staff.

(3) 1The following additional admission criteria apply for children:

  1. a) Children under the age of 12 may only enter Waterworld if accompanied by a suitable and responsible person:
  2. b) Children and adolescents under the age of 16 may only enter Saunaworld and the GesundZeitReise experience if accompanied by an adult.
  3. c) Children and adolescents (under the age of 18) will only be granted access to the fitness studio with the prior consent of their legal guardian.

2The suitability of the accompanying person will be judged by GesundZeitResort staff.

(4) 1For safety reasons, some areas of GesundZeitResort are monitored by surveillance cameras. 2The recordings can only be viewed by the management and the police in cases of suspicion. 3These serve to ensure the security and protection of Guests' property as well as that of GesundZeitResort, and comply with the guidelines of the GDPR.

(5) 1The staff or other agents of GesundZeitResort ensure the house rules are followed. 2Instructions from staff or other agents of GesundZeitResort must be followed. 3Guests who violate the house and bathing rules may be temporarily or permanently barred from visiting the various facilities at GesundZeitResort. 4Moreover, the management or its agents may issue a house ban.

(6) The car park and underground car park rules are a contractual part of GesundZeitResort's house and bathing rules.


2 Opening and closing hours

(1) 1The opening hours of GesundZeitResort facilities are determined by the management and published via notices. 2Information can be found in GesundZeitResort publications, in particular the respective notice or the website or flyers. 3In particular, opening hours may be reduced, or the use of the respective facilities partially restricted, due to operational disruptions, construction or renovation work. 4The same applies in the case that full use of the facilities is not possible due to are not possible due to photography and filming, events or offered courses.

(2) 1The closing times refer to the time by which guests should have left the facility. 2In order to comply with the closing times, guests should take into account the time they need to get changed so that they can use the changing rooms, toilets and wash rooms. If the opening hours and stay times are exceeded, an additional fee of the displayed amount will be charged. 3Bathing time in Waterworld and the use of Saunaworld and the GesundZeitReise experience ends 15 minutes before closing; guests must vacate these areas at this time.


3 Service fees

(1) 1Fees are charged for the use of GesundZeitResort facilities according to the applicable rates. 2The currently applicable rates can be found in GesundZeitResort publications, in particular the respective notice or the website or flyers. 3The individual bathing and use times depend on the respective fee paid. 4When a Guest exceeds the bathing and use times, a corresponding additional payment must be made according to the applicable tariff.

(2) 1On paying the service (entry) fee, each guest will receive a transponder/locker key, which is issued at the payment point and which is required for the use of various facilities and cashless payment transactions. 2The transponder records all services used during the visit. 3Guests are required to pay for the all services they have used before checking out.

(3) 1Vouchers for GesundZeitResort services remain valid indefinitely. 2The value of the voucher at the time of purchase may be used to purchase any other service or to purchase goods at GesundZeitResort. 3If the equivalent value of the voucher is less than the price of the selected service or goods to be purchased, the voucher value will be credited against the price of the service or goods. 4If the equivalent value of the voucher is greater than the price of the selected service or goods to be purchased, any remaining balance of the equivalent value of the voucher, up to a value of EUR 5.00, will be paid out upon the Guest's request.


4 Usage rules

(1) 1The transponder/locker key can be used for the automatic transfer of the entrance fee for non-prepaid areas (such as Saunaworld or the GesundZeitReise experience), as well as paying at catering outlets or for the use of other services. 2Entry and exit control also uses contactless reader. 3Sales are updated immediately and stored on the server, and are limited as follows:

  1. a) Children under 3 years of age – EUR 0.00,
  2. b) Children under 6 years of age – EUR 10.00,
  3. c) Children under 16 years of age – EUR 25.00, and
  4. d) Other guests – EUR 100.00.

4The transponder/locker key is individual and not transferable. 5Bathing time is limited and begins on passing through the turnstile (entry control).

(2) 1The thermal waters contain active substances that have an effect on the body. 2With regard to the duration of bathing and use, if medical indications (see Art. 1(2), sentences 2 and 3) or an “unpredictable health condition” are present, it is strongly recommended that medical advice be obtained in advance due to the active substances and water temperatures of the thermal waters. 3Guests are advised that mineral and thermal water can affect materials.

(3) 1The use of the pools is only permitted after thorough showering. 2The use of soaps, creams and other cleansing and care products other than shower gels is not permitted. 3For hygiene reasons, brush massage cannot be used in Waterworld, Saunaworld and the GesundZeitReise experience.

(4) 1Standard swimwear must be worn in the wet areas of Waterworld and the GesundZeitReise experience.  2It is forbidden to wear outdoor shoes when walking on barefoot walkways, or in shower rooms and steam or hot air rooms. 3Slip-resistant bath shoes are to be worn outside of the pools in Waterworld, Saunaworld, the GesundZeitReise experience, and in their associated guest areas. 4Saunaworld, including the outdoor saunas, are nude areas, the use of which is only permitted without clothing. 5However, Saunaworld does not consider itself to be part of naturist culture. 6After finishing the thermal bath or sauna, including the necessary cooling-down period, the Guest must change into a bath robe or a towel. 7It is not permitted to enter the saunas wearing bath shoes. 8In addition, a sufficiently large towel must be used to sit on to avoid contaminating the benches and loungers. 9Due to high levels of humidity, steam rooms are to be used without towels. 10Seats should be cleaned before and after use. 11Bringing your own infusion agents or using your own infusions is not permitted. 12In addition, no newspapers or other print material of any kind are to be taken into the sauna bath. 13Restaurant areas and the lounge may only be entered wearing dry swimwear and with a covered upper body.

(5) 1The use of eye protection (swimming goggles) is at your own risk. 2The use of swimming fins, diving goggles, snorkels and swimming accessories, as well as all play equipment, such as balls, inflatable objects or similar is not allowed (with the exception of swimming aids no larger than 30 cm).

(6) 1Ventilation shafts on the facades, technical fittings in saunas (heating elements, ventilation inlets, sauna heaters and sensors) and all doors and emergency exits must not be covered or obstructed with objects or towels. 2Containers or objects made of glass may not be used in the Waterworld, Saunaworld or GesundZeitReise experience facilities or in the outdoor areas, with the exception of restaurant areas.

(7) 1Hotel guests and members are obliged to identify themselves with their access medium (Technogym Key or 10 card). Day guests can acquire access to the fitness studio from 10:00 at the spa reception. 2Use of the fitness studio for the first time is only permitted after prior instruction and under the supervision of a GesundZeitResort employee. 3Guests use the machines at their own risk. No trainers are present on regular weekdays from 7:00 am to 10:00 am and from 8:30 pm to 10:00 pm Monday to Friday, or from 7:00 am to 10:00 am and from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. 4Guests are obliged to wear appropriate training clothes and sports shoes. 5Entry to the gym and the fitness studio is only permitted wearing clean sports shoes with non-marking soles. 6For hygiene reasons, a towel must be used when using machines and during classes in the gym. 7Machines must be cleaned after use using the disinfectant and cloths provided. 8For hygiene reasons, any residue must be removed. 9Moveable equipment such as free weights and weight plates must be put away after use. 10For security reasons, parts of the fitness studio are under video surveillance.


5 Rules of conduct

(1) All facilities and areas used at GesundZeitResort must be treated with care.

(2) 1Guests must behave themselves in such a way so as not to endanger the safety, orderliness, and cleanliness of GesundZeitResort  2Guests must refrain from any disorderly conduct and from disturbing the peace. 3Guests should behave in such a way that they do not disturb any other guest.

(3) 1Storage lockers and safe deposit boxes for storing personal belongings must be locked by the Guest themselves. 2It is the sole responsibility of the Guest to ensure the respective device is securely locked when using the storage lockers and the safe deposit boxes and to keep the transponder (key) in a safe place. 3Storage lockers must be left clean and unlocked after use.

(4) 1Jumping into the pools or pushing or throwing other people into the pools is not allowed. 2It is also forbidden to run in the areas around the pools, to play on the entry ladders, rails or other parts of the facility, or to jump into the water from these. 3Attractions and equipment (e.g., slides, play equipment, saunas) may only be used during operating hours. 4Notices posted on boards and instructions from staff must be followed.

(5) 1Other guests' desire for tranquillity must be taken into consideration in Saunaworld and in all bathing and relaxation areas around the facilities. 2In particular, the use of mobile phones, musical instruments, radios or television-enabled devices, or making noise that may disturb others, are not permitted in Saunaworld or any of the bathing and relaxation areas.

(6) Reserving loungers or infra-red loungers with towels, bags or other items is not permitted.

(7) 1The preparation of food and the consumption of alcoholic beverages not purchased on site is not permitted. 2Only small amounts of food and drink (e.g. snacks, fruit, vegetables) may be brought in and consumed. 3Apart from these, it is not permitted to bring in more substantial food and drinks (picnics, etc.). 4The Guest must report dirt or contamination of any kind to GesundZeitResort employees immediately.

(8) 1Photography and video recording is also prohibited in the Waterworld and Saunaworld facilities and the GesundZeitReise experience. 2Consumption of alcohol must always be limited to an acceptable level; Saunaworld may not be used while under the influence of alcohol. 3GesundZeitResort reserves the right to limit the serving of alcoholic beverages to a guest, as well as to prohibit guests under the influence of alcohol from further consumption. 4Please refrain from excessive displays of affection. 5Smoking is permitted only in designated areas.

(9) 1Lost property must be handed in to GesundZeitResort employees. 2Lost property is disposed of in accordance with the legal regulations.

For safety reasons, drinking glasses and glass bottles must not be brought in to any part of Waterworld, Saunaworld, or the GesundZeitReise experience. Drinks bottles made of unbreakable plastic are permitted.


6 Liability of GesundZeitResort

(1) Guests use the above-mentioned facilities at their own risk, without prejudice to GesundZeitResort's obligation to keep all facilities in a safe condition.

(2) 1Paid entry fees are non-refundable. 2The temporary closure of individual facilities and services does not justify a reduction or refund of the entry fee paid or any part thereof. 3In particular, no claims can be asserted against GesundZeitResort due to reduced opening hours arising from operational disturbances, construction or renovation work. 4If GesundZeitResort facilities are not usable, or only partially usable, due to photography and filming, events or offered courses, there is no right to a refund or reduction of the entry fee.

(3) 1Payment of the entry fee does not imply any claim to a seat or lounger. 2If seating or lounging areas are reserved contrary to Art. 5(5) by placing items on them for this purpose, these items may be removed by GesundZeitResort employees.

(4) 1Guests are advised that mineral and thermal water can affect materials. 2No liability is accepted for damage, in particular to spectacles, watches, jewellery, swimwear and other items that the Guest has brought with them.

(5) 1GesundZeitResort will not pay any compensation for transponders lost by guests. 2GesundZeitResort shall not be liable for any consequential loss resulting from the use of the storage lockers and safe deposit boxes (loss of the locked items) caused by the intentional or negligent actions of the Guest.

(6) 1GesundZeitResort is not liable for the loss or damage of valuables, cash, clothing or other objects that are in the possession of the Guest. 2This also applies if the loss or damage was caused by a third party. 3GesundZeitResort is only liable for damage caused by intentional or grossly negligent acts by GesundZeitResort, its legal representatives or vicarious agents. 4Liability for damages exists even if essential contractual obligations are negligently violated. 5In the case of liability according to Art. 6(5) sentence 2, only those damages that were typically foreseeable at the time the agreement was entered into will be compensated. 6The above limitations of liability also apply to breaches of duty by GesundZeitResort's legal representatives or vicarious agents. 7In the case of claims for injury to life, body or health and within the scope of the German Product Liability Act, liability is not limited. 8Liability is otherwise excluded.


7 Liability of the Guest

(1) 1Insofar as GesundZeitResort facilities are damaged by inappropriate or improper use (Art. 5(1)) or objects leased or borrowed are lost, the Guest is liable for the resulting damage. 2In the case of deliberate and intentional contamination by the Guest, a cleaning fee of EUR 30.00 will be charged. 3Guests are liable for any damage caused by improper handling or operation of the items or equipment provided to them. 4This applies in particular if the instructions of the employees were not followed or if instruction from an employee in the fitness studio was not obtained before the first use.

(2) 1If the consumption of alcohol exceeds an acceptable level in accordance with Art. 5(8) and thereby creates a risk to the Guest or others, or disruption to the operation of the spa, GesundZeitResort is entitled to expel the Guest from the establishment without refund of service or entry fees. 2Guests engaging in intimate acts will receive a house ban – without reimbursement of entry fees that have been paid – and criminal charges will be pressed.

(3) 1If the Guest loses a locker or deposit box transponder, they will have to pay EUR 10.00 as compensation. 2The Guest is free to prove that GesundZeitResort has suffered no or lesser damages. 3The Guest is obliged to pay all charges for goods and services made using the lost transponder up to the loss report, stating the transponder number or showing the receipt. 4If the transponder number cannot be specified or determined, the Guest is obliged to pay the charges on the lost transponder for the purchase of goods or services and to provide a guarantee to the amount of the transponder limit as follows:

  1. a) Children under 3 years of age – EUR 0.00,
  2. b) Children under 6 years of age – EUR 10.00,
  3. c) Children under 16 years of age – EUR 25.00, and
  4. d) Other guests – EUR 100.00.

(4) There will be no refund of the entry fee if Guests are temporarily or permanently denied entry to the various GesundZeitResort facilities or receive a house ban from the management or their representatives (Art. 1 (5)) due to a violation of the house and bathing rules.