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Oriental Bathing


A visit to a Hamam or Rasul is just as beneficial as a sauna visit with several different sauna sessions. The combination of oriental relaxation treatments and moist warm air bath is incredibly relaxing and boosts the immune system. The beauty and care rituals can be booked alone or together.

Rasul Treatments


In the Egyptian Rasul bath you will experience an invigorating cleansing ceremony with mud from the healing earth. Rasul earth is a pure, natural product and and is rich in valuable minerals.

Rasul Bath

In this treatment, various healing muds in different colours and textures are applied to the entire body. Due to the heat, the mud dries slightly before it is moistened again by the steam on the skin and can be rubbed in. This care ritual not only removes old skin cells, but also firms the subcutaneous tissue, improves muscle tone and stimulates the metabolism. After around 25 minutes, a warm rain will start to fall and wash most of the mud from your skin. Up to 4 people can share one treatment together.

Rasul Bath

25-minute experience

Hamam Treatments


This Turkish cleansing ritual promises to be an experience for all the senses. Indulge in the fascinating Hamam spa ceremony and and enjoy this relaxing treat to the full.

We offer two different treatment options for you:

Deluxe Hamam

Experience the orient up close. Enjoy a combination of steam bath and body scrub, and relax with a soothing soap lather massage of the neck, arms, hands, legs, feet and back using sensual fragrances.

Deluxe Hamam

60-minute experience

One Thousand and One Nights

Immerse yourself in a land full of dreams. The interplay of water and relaxation promises to take you on a dream-inspired journey away from the stresses of everyday life. Relax in our sensually-fragranced steam bath and enjoy a body scrub afterwards. You will then be pampered by a full body massage ceremony with mountains of foam. Finally, you can relax with a full-body oil treatment.

One Thousand and One Nights Treatment

90-minute experience

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